Xenographic self-portrait with the Xenon-Eye camera, London, March 2014

Xenographic self-portrait with the Xenon-Eye camera, London, March 2014


My work involves:

  • Artist
  • Lecturer
  • Founder member of Class Wargames (2006 – present)

Artist:  I studied Painting (MA Painting, RCA, London, 1992-94) and continue to produce and exhibit paintings. My practice is wide ranging, currently focussing on the following areas:

  1. Painting and drawing
  2. Using personally adapted technology to produce a contemporary form of photography (xenography)
  3. Active member and visual documentor of Class Wargames

I live and work in inner London.

Paintings:    My paintings revisit some of the major concerns of Modernism via the aesthetics and visual logic of what might now be termed post post modernism. Paramount among these subjects are the fragmentary nature of contemporary experience , the hyper-enhancement of contemporary experience, encouraged by the hysterical desires and absurd romanticism of marketing media.

At times reflecting on the lost, but recent, social codes and experiences of the cold war, my paintings also draw on historical Western painting at key stages of historic social transition. Prominent among these are Italian and Flemish Renaissance painting, Impressionism and twentieth century Modernism. Ultimately, my paintings question the agency of the individual to reflect upon their experience within the complexity of technologically driven hyper-capitalism, and the collapse of political ideology as a means of identifying with society at large.

Lecturer:    I am currently Senior Lecturer in BA (Hons) Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts, a member institution of University of the Arts London (the largest higher education institution in the world dedicated to studying art and design).

Class Wargames:    Formed in 2006, Class Wargames is a collective of artists, academics and creative workers enacting public performances at galleries and events nationally and globally. The public are invited to join in at these events, which are innately playful, while promoting a communal sense of social and political purpose.


© Alex Veness, 2016

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